Saturday, July 25, 2020

We Live For JESUS

We gather in church, with Christians around.
We listen to the word, with wonders and sound.
We read the bible and know the way.
We live for Jesus, it's our goal today.
Repent and believe, is the message they say.
To seek the Lord and learn how to pray.
We pray with the people, to forsake our sin.
We praise the Lord, when the spirit comes in.
We walk with the spirit, happy and sure.
We know our Savior, will help us endure.
Life in the spirit, is joy inside.
He dwells in us and he's our guide.
We're servant of the Lord, with bible in hand.
We preach the message, of the promised land.
We praise the Lord, whenever we can.
We wait for the day, when he comes again.

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