Saturday, April 25, 2020


You  dream, think and plan
on what you want to be.
You sort, pick and try,
for what you want to see.
Through work, sweat and tears,
in time will really show,
With vision, passion and desire,
you reach for your goal.
If you take part to help and share,
it's the only way to live.
With kindness, care and aid,
the way you ought to give.
You greet, console and comfort,
with the words you impart.
You call, write and visit,
you open up your heart.
You laugh, joke and chuckle,
and cheer the one who is sad.
You smile, hug and hold,
when their day goes bad.
With words of prayer and praise,
you help someone through.
With love, care and compassion,
it's the right thing to do.
When you learn, know and teach,
on how to help each day.
You choose to live, laugh and love,
and give your best today.

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