Saturday, April 25, 2020


You  dream, think and plan
on what you want to be.
You sort, pick and try,
for what you want to see.
Through work, sweat and tears,
in time will really show,
With vision, passion and desire,
you reach for your goal.
If you take part to help and share,
it's the only way to live.
With kindness, care and aid,
the way you ought to give.
You greet, console and comfort,
with the words you impart.
You call, write and visit,
you open up your heart.
You laugh, joke and chuckle,
and cheer the one who is sad.
You smile, hug and hold,
when their day goes bad.
With words of prayer and praise,
you help someone through.
With love, care and compassion,
it's the right thing to do.
When you learn, know and teach,
on how to help each day.
You choose to live, laugh and love,
and give your best today.

Saturday, April 18, 2020


Love is patient, love is kind.
Love is all we need in time.
Love means peace, love means care.
Love always means that God is there.
Love gives hope, love is strong.
Love is right and never wrong.
Love is joy, love means giving.
Love is all we need in living.
Love is GOD and GOD is Love.
Love is a gift from GOD above.
Love is the key to be free.
So all we need is GOD in everything.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

This Moment Of Truth

He shed his blood, to pay the cost.
For sinners like you and me, who were lost.
The cross is now a symbol for a eternal life.
From our Savior, who is the only way in life.
We should thank him for all he has done.
We know Jesus died for the sins of everyone.
God's precious gift to us, is Jesus Christ.
Salvation is lost, if we fail to see the light.
Believe on this very fact, cause the end is near.
This moment of truth, the message is clear.
All we do for this world, is done in vain.
Jesus as your Savior, means life with no pain. 

Saturday, April 4, 2020


There are three words that you could say.
That will bring joy to someone today.
The best three words you will ever know.
Believe in these words and let it show.
The power in these words, we may not always see.
But it can touch the heart of someone close to thee.
It can create a feeling that is precious to our heart.
And strengthen the bond that no one can take apart.
We leave our mark on each word we say.
Words that affect the ones we see each day.
So the best thing you could ever say or do.
Say these three words; I LOVE YOU!