Saturday, February 1, 2020

I Remember, LORD

My life was moving slowly past.
I was not sure if I would even last.
I searched for someone, I didn't know then.
Now I found my savior and I remember when.
I was very young and you Oh Lord were there.
You healed my skin when you heard my prayer.
When I look back now what you did before.
You did more than I was asking for.
When I was young and you were there.
I had no job, so I said a prayer.
You gave me a task that I could do.
You gave me a place where I could serve you.
So everything that I have and all that I see.
You gave to me, I owe it all to thee.
My new goal now, is to listen, obey and wait.
Your timing is perfect, your will is great.

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