Sunday, February 24, 2019

Give Me Jesus

Give me Jesus, who will save my soul.
He'll change my life and make it whole.
Send the Holy Spirit and let him come in.
Cleanse my heart,  let my new life begin.
Lend me the bible, so I can finally learn.
All about my Savior, before he return.
Teach me to pray, on what I should say.
So I can call on Jesus, to help me today.
Show me a church, where I can find.
I can praise the Lord, all the time.
Teach me a song, so I can always sing.
To praise my Savior and honor the King.
Strengthen my faith, so that I can share.
The good news, that Jesus does care.
Show me the way, which road I take.
For I got a promise, I want to make.
To share the good news, to everyone I see.
With the message, JESUS is all we need.

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