Friday, July 6, 2018

Where is Frank ?

Hank wanted to thank
his best friend Frank
for the piggy bank.
But where is he?
Where could Frank be?
Hank went to the park
and asked his friend Mark.
"I think, he's at the gym."
He was talking with Tim
Tim shook his head
"Maybe he's with Ted."
"I have no clue,
you can ask Sue."
Hank checked it all.
He even asked Paul.
"But where is he?"
Where could Frank be?
Hank decided to turn back.
That's when  he asked Jack.
"He's not over here."
"He could be anywhere."
"Did you check the mall?"
"He might be with Saul."
"I am so sorry, Hank."
I have not seen Frank?
"But don't you worry."
"You can ask, Murray."
This story has a happy end.
Because Hank found is friend.
So there goes Hank.
Carrying his piggy bank.
Off to see his friend Frank
Who's at the bank.

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