Saturday, March 7, 2015

Where Is Frank ?

Hank wanted to thank,
his best friend Frank,
for the piggy bank.
So Hank ran and asked Dan.
"Where is Frank?" asked Hank.
I haven't seen him,
did you ask Tim?
Hello Tim, where is Frank?
asked the boy Hank.
I don't know, did you ask Joe.
Hello Joe, where is Frank?
I don't know, Hank.
Did you check the mall,
He might be with Paul.
No Frank, maybe at the park,
He's probably with Mark.
Still no Frank, I'll ask Kim,
She's at the gym.
Have you seen Frank?
asked the boy Hank.
Sorry, said Kim,
 I haven't seen him.  
Go ask Bill, he's with Phil.
Not here, Hank. Not seen Frank.
But don't you worry, just ask Murray.
Hi Murray, I'm in a hurry.
Looking for Frank, asked the boy Hank.
Murray didn't know, Hank had to go.
Hank went back to ask Jack.
Sorry Hank, never saw Frank.
Hank was glad,he checked with Chad.
He saw Frank go to the bank.
So there goes Hank,
carrying the piggy bank.
running to see Frank,
Hank saw his friend,
now it's a happy end.

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