Thursday, December 26, 2013

What do I need ?

We unwrapped our Christmas presents,
we are happy with the gifts we received.
Now it's time to reflect on the year of 2013.
Is it possible there is something missing?
Some essential that you long to have or do.
What would it be?
We are not talking about money or possessions,
but something vital for your life.
Read the following poem and ask yourself,
if you need the seven essentials I posted.
TIME, that is what I need is time,
To live this life and leave my past behind.
SMILE, that is what I need and it can be done,
To put on a smile and show it to everyone.
LOVE, that is what I need in my heart,
To embrace this feeling right from the start.
FRIEND, that is what I need is a friend,
Someone who will be there till the end.
PRAY, that is what I need to do is pray,
To seek the Lord and call on him today.
PEACE, that is what I need is peace within,
I can find it when I let God come in.
LIFE, that is a gift I know is mine,
All I need to do is let it shine.

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