Friday, December 7, 2012

Let's write a book !

"It's time!" Buddy announced, 'let's write a book." 
"This is going to be fun," Pete replied.
"First thing," Buddy advised, "we need an idea."
"I have one," Pete answered,"There is a talent show coming up."
"Fantastic," Buddy said.
"Now we're ready to write," Pete exclaimed.
"Wait a minute," Buddy said.
"If we're going to write a book," Buddy pointed out,
 "we need a great beginning."
"We have to attract the readers attention."
"I know," Pete answered,"a huge crowd of boys and girls
 are lined up for a talent show."
"That's great," Buddy said.
"Okay, let's start writing," Pete declared.
"Wait," Buddy interrupted.
"We cannot write a book without a setting."
Pete scratched his head. "What is a setting?"
"A place where the talent contest is held." Buddy replied.
"I know," Pete said, "it's held at a school gym."
"That's good," Buddy agreed. 
"Now, we're ready," Pete proclaimed.
"Wait," Buddy interrupted.
"We cannot write a book without a character."
"We need to create a character that 
readers will love to read about." 
"Okay, how about, Toby," Pete suggested.
"He's an adventurous young lad," Pete added. 
"And he has high expectations."
"Perfect," Buddy said.
"Let's start writing," Pete declared.
"Wait a minute," Buddy interrupted. 
"We cannot write a book without conflict,"
We need a situation that poses a problem
 for Toby to win the contest."
"I got it!" Pete said excitedly.
"Toby is struggling to find his talent."
"That is a brilliant idea," Buddy said.
"Let's start writing," Pete exclaimed.
"Hold it," Buddy interrupted again.
"We cannot write a book without some action."
"Every story requires some action."
"I know," Pete replied. "Toby tried to juggle three eggs
in the air, but all three eggs crashed to the floor."
"That's it," Buddy replied, "You got a great idea."
"We can start now," Pete proclaimed.
"Wait," Buddy said again.
"We cannot write a book without a climax."
"The readers will enjoy your story 
if you have a great ending," 
"I got it!" Pete replied. "Toby rushed to the stage
with a few minutes to spare."
"He performed his magic trick." Pete explained,
"The crowd stood up and gave him a standing ovation.
Toby won the contest," Pete added.
"That is a great ending," Buddy agreed. 
"Finally," Pete proclaimed, "we can start writing."
Buddy stared at his sheet of paper.
"What's wrong now?" Pete asked.
"I have writer's block," Buddy remarked.
"What is a writer's block?" asked Pete.
"My mind has gone blank," Buddy explained.
"What are we going to do now?" Pete asked.
"I got it," Buddy cheerfully said.
"Let's ask Henry for help."


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