Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We're bombarded with commercials, we're flooded with ads, billboards display it, stores promote it, books are even published about EASTER. The world wants you to believe it's about a bunny.
But this Sunday should be celebrated for other reasons. It's not about a religion, not about rituals or traditions. It's about someone who took your place on the cross. This incredible action showed how much God loves you, that he sent his son to die on the cross for your sins. Jesus lives today waiting for you to accept his free gift of salvation. All you have to do is acknowledge Jesus as your savior. Please read the following poem and let's start celebrating Easter for the right reason. 

ABC's on Salvation.

A ll of us have sinned and gone astray.
B ut there is hope for us here today.
C all on our Savior Jesus, when you pray,
D o this now and he will lead the way.
E ver since, the moment Jesus came,
F aith reminds us to believe his name.
G od sent his son to save you and me,
He died and rose again to set us free,
I f there is one message we need to hear,
J esus gave a promise to always be near.
K eep this in mind, whatever you do,
L eave it in his hands and he will help you.
M ore you know him, the message becomes clear,
N o love is greater than what he did here.
O n that wooden cross, he showed his love,
P art of a plan that came from God above.
Q uery minds there can be no doubt,
R epent of your sins, there is no way out.
S alvation is found, so be sorry for your sin,
T his moment now, your new life can begin.
U ntil he returns, let us not forget.
Victory is for those who are already set.
With Jesus help, in the life he gave,
X is marked to say you are saved.
You know this message that you have heard,
Z ealous hearts are needed to spread the word.

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