Sunday, January 8, 2012

Make Me Laugh!

Larry was a shy little boy who never smiled. Every day at school, he walked down the hallway with a frown on his face. Joe, David and Mary walked past and wondered why he never smiled. They decided on a plan. They would have a contest to see on which one could make Larry laugh first. Joe with a big grin on his face announced he would start.  Joe approached Larry and gave him a friendly greeting. "Do you know why a turkey crossed the road?" Larry timidly answered " I don't know." Joe started to laugh, "because he wasn't a chicken." Larry stood back and remained silent.
David quickly seized the moment and stood next to Larry. "Do you know why a lion ate a tight rope walker?" Larry paused for a moment and replied back, he didn't know.  David began to laugh, " He wanted a balanced diet." Larry's  facial expression never changed. Mary stepped forward and took her turn. "You will laugh at this," Mary assuredly replied. "Why did the boy throw butter out the window?" Larry shook his head, he didn't know. "I do," Mary replied, "because he wanted to see a butter fly," Larry folded his arms and stared back at Mary. Joe took his turn and asked Larry, " Why was the cat afraid of the tree?" Larry thought for a moment, "I don't know." "Because of it's bark." Joe replied. Larry continued to remain silent.  "If we can't make Larry laugh," Joe replied, "then nobody can." Pencil Pete overheard their conversation, he approached the three comedians. "Excuse me,"  Pete said, "but what are you trying to do?" Joe turned around and replied, "We're trying to make Larry laugh." "I can do it," Pete boasted. All three challenged Pete to try. Pete went up to Larry and whispered in his ear. All of the sudden, Larry burst out laughing. Everyone stopped in their tracks. David not to be outdone, came up to Pete and asked him how he did it? "I guess it's all in the delivery," Pete replied. Joe walked back to Larry and asked him what Pete said. But Larry refused to answer his question. David, Joe and Mary were bugged they were upstaged. They were determined to find out how Pete did it. All three circled around Pete and demanded to know his secret. Pete decided to give them a clue. "A friend," Pete replied, "always laughed at his friends jokes.
"You mean we have to be his friend?" Mary asked.
Joe, David and Mary decided to make a new contest. Which one of three will be Larry's friend first? All three scrambled to ask Larry first. They made their earnest plea. Larry's response was quick and stern.  "No, Thank you." David, Joe and Mary were shocked by Larry's response.
 All three quickly realized they made a huge mistake by making it a contest. The three friends apologized to Larry. Larry accepted their plea and became their friends. Before he walked back home, Larry asked Mary, Joe and David a question. "Why is Cinderella bad at basketball?"  All three did not know. "Because she always runs away from the ball," Larry answered.
Mary, Joe and David laughed at his response. Larry walked away with a little smile on his face.

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