Sunday, November 20, 2011

What will I be?

"Buddy, have you done your homework." 
"No, mom."
"It's better you start now." 
I grab my pen and pull out a piece of paper.
I start to imagine what will I be?
I could be an artist.
Every so often I draw animals on my sketch paper.
I stop and ponder another thought.
I could be an astronaut.
Now and then I read about Neil Armstrong and picture myself landing on a another planet.
From time to time I think I could be an archaeologist.
Every so often I dig part of the yard and search for anything valuable.
But then again, I could be a teacher.
I enjoy teaching my younger brother new things.
I imagine also that I could be an astronomer.
Every night I pull out my telescope and scan the night sky.
I could be a librarian like Mrs. Kurchell.
I love to spend time at the library and I enjoy reading books.
I have other choices like maybe I could be a veterinarian.
I take care of my two dogs and a cat.
"Buddy, have you finished your homework?"    
"Not yet, mom."
"Stop daydreaming."
"OK, mom."
I have a assignment, we have to write a story on "What will I be?"
I have many ideas, where do I start?
With my imagination, I could be a writer.
You never know.

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