Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Henry Loves Pierogi.

Henry ran down the stairs and burst into the kitchen. "Wait for me, Dad." His Father was preparing a Holiday tradition. They are going to make "Pierogi." The table was set, with mounds of flour, eggs, and water. Henry invited his friend, Pete to join. Pete walked into the kitchen and started to chuckle. He watched Henry pace back and forth around his Father. "Henry, relax," Pete replied. Henry went over and tussled with Pete. "I waited 364 days for this," Henry answered.  Henry and Pete watched in awe as Henry's Father mixed  the flour, eggs and water to create the dough. The Polish Father used a rolling pin to flatten the dough until it was thick enough to cut. All three worked together to cut the dough with a cup and place sauerkraut inside and seal it. They dropped all the pierogi in a huge pot of boiling water. Henry and Pete took turns to stir the pierogi in the pot. "Is it ready?" Henry asked impatiently. Henry's Father poured all the pierogi in a strainer and placed the hot steaming dumplings in a large bowl and mixed it with butter. Henry's Father placed some of the pierogi on a flat large dish. "This is better than pizza." Henry announced.  "Mmmm, this is great," Pete said. Henry and his Father joined Pete at the table and feasted on the pierogi. Before Henry took another bite, he turned to his Father and said, "Thanks, Dad." His Father smiled and replied, "you're welcome, Son." Pete's mouth was too full to reply but Henry and his Father knew Pete enjoyed this Polish treat. "


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