Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fun and Games.

Hi, I am glad you can join us. My name is Pencil Pete,
I am the spokesman for Henry's picture book blog.
I love to read books and I want to share all my favorite books.        
I will also post jokes, games, trivia, etc......
So let's get started with a little poem I wrote.
Books, Books, Books, which one should I choose?
Let me help you, you have nothing to lose.

THE DOT by Peter Reynolds
It's time for class. Vashti sat in her chair
with a blank sheet of paper.
She is convinced she can't draw.
The teacher convinced her to draw.
She kept practicing till she got better.
And in the end, she encouraged another child
to go through the same process she went through.
I know this book will inspire you too.


ONE FINE DAY by Nonny Hogrogian
A fox drank a pail of milk that a woman owned. The woman became angry and chopped off the fox's tail off. The fox pleaded with her to sew it back in place. You will be surprised what the fox had to do before his tail was sewn back on.

FUN FUN FUN it's time to play
Just scroll down and see what we have today.

What is a woodpecker's favorite kind of joke?


What do you call a grizzly bear with no teeth?

HA HA HA HA, did you like that one?


I have three coins in my hand that add up
to thirty-six cents. Which coins do I have?

Can you solve Pencil Pete's Mystery Words?

Change the numbers 3 & 5 to the second letter in the word CAN
Change the number 6 to the first letter in the word BRING
Change the numer 1 to the seventh letter in the word PLEASURE
Change the number 2 to the third letter in the word WHEN
Change the numbers 7 & 8 to the second letter in the word YOU
Change the numer 9 to the last letter in the word LOOK
Change the number 4 to the fifth letter in the word INSIDE

   1         2        3         4        5          6         7        8          9

-----      -----    -----     -----   -----      -----     -----    ------    ------   

You seen the books and the games too,
We hope you had fun and learned something new.
It's time to go. we'd love to see you again.
We hope you come back and bring along a friend.