Saturday, August 12, 2017

It's Booktastic!

How many books do you need?
The library has plenty indeed.
Do you need two, three or four?
Five, ten, twenty or more?
Or thirty, you might like too.
Or maybe, just one would do.
Any suggestion for a book?
It's time now, for you to look.
Just scroll down and look at this.
It's a blog, you don't want to miss.
Buddy's ten great books he found.
So get a pen and jot it down.

Tucky Jo and Little Heart
by Patricia Polacco

The Green Umbrella
by Jackie Azua Kramer

Odd Socks
by Michelle Robinson

Knocks In The Night
by Tilde Michels

The Story Book Knight
by Helen Docherty

The Fix It Man
by Susan Hood

by Stephanie Shaw

I Want A Bedtime Story
by Tony Ross

One More Dino On The Floor
by Kelly Starling Lyons

Not Quite Black And White
by Jonathan Ying

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