Saturday, July 8, 2017

Play It For Jeannette

You can see it in her smile,
and the letters she would send.
You will know it by her words,
that she is some kind of friend.
You can see it in her eyes,
and in what she would say.
You will know it by her deeds,
that she is beautiful in every way.
You can feel it in your heart,
in the joy she would bring.
She welcomes you with love,
your heart will want to sing.
You can see, she really cares,
in everything she would do.
She would always find a way,
to help someone through.
You can see it every day,
her beauty like a rose.
Touching someone's heart,
wherever she goes.
You can see the help she provides,
her kindness would never end.
The message would be clear,
that she is your friend.

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