Friday, February 1, 2013

New Book Review

It's hard to resist,
To check Buddy's list.
His new book review,
selected just for you.
So you can't miss,
So here it is.
Fifty Cents and a Dream:
Young Booker t. Washington
by Jabari Asim
It centers on Booker's achievement
during his youth.  Young Booker
embarked on a 500 mile journey
 with only fifty cents in his pocket.  
His dream hinged on education.
He pursued his dream to provide 
the tools to learn for others.
The great detail in the illustrations
make this book a masterpiece.
Lost and Found
by Bill Harley
Justin has a dilemma.
He lost the hat his
 Grandmother made for him.
He has to find it before
she comes to visit him.
Justin's frequent trips to
 lost and found area appeared 
to fail until he pulled out the 
second last item, a pink sweater.
A surprise ending to a great story. 
Tea Cakes For Tosh
by Kelly Starling Lyons
Grandma told her grandson
stories on family history.
Tosh,the grandson enjoyed
the story about tea cakes.
The special bond they had became
to unravel when Grandma started
to forget and became sad.
Tosh treasured their times,
so much, he decided to
keep the memories alive
by baking the tea cakes and
keeping a smile on grandma's face.
Black Dog
by Levi Pinfold

A black dog appeared at 
the Hope family house.
Each family member feared
the presence of the canine.
The family members described
the black dog, big and scary.
But Small, the youngest member,
had the courage to face the dog.
Her encounter stirred the 
message of overcoming our fears.
Timeless Thomas
by Gene Barretta
When you think of inventors,
Thomas Edison is on the list.
This enlightening book brings
up some important inventions.
We learned he invented the light bulb. 
But did you know the most
 important lesson he learned?
Despite his many failures,
 Thomas persevered.
Toads On Toast
by Linda Bailey
Stuck With The Blooz
by Caron Levis

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