Friday, January 4, 2013

Book Review Time

It's a New Year.
So let's start here.
With a Book Review.
Chosen just for you.
Prepared by Buddy Book.
So let's take a look.
Electric Ben
by Robert Byrd
A picture book on Ben Franklin
 is like condensing a dictionary.
But Robert Byrd's detailed illustrations standout.
The author provides facts and quotes on one of the
most brilliant Americans who ever lived. 
When Blue Met Egg
by Lindsay Ward
A snowball lands in a nest.
Blue returns and mistakes it for an egg.
Blue searches for the Egg's mother.
When the temperature rises, the snowball melts.
Blue feels sad losing his friend.
But this friendship has a happy ending.
Kel Gilligan's Daredevil Stunt Show
by Michael Buckley
Open this book and you become
part of the audience.
You'll enjoy Michael Buckley's
hilarious stunt show.
Kel shows he has no fear.
He proves his bravery
by eating broccoli, taking a bath
and getting dressed by himself. 
Kate And Nate Are Running Late
by Kate Egan
Kate and her two kids, 
Nate and Maddie overslept.
Their morning routine is derailed.
This rhyming story details the rush
to dress, eat and move out the door.
They decided to drive instead of walk.
You'll laugh when you read what happens
when they arrive at the school.
I Need My Own Country
by Rick Walton
The author instructs the readers on the
steps to form your own country.
Location, name of country, flag, currency,
and even a lesson on civil unrest.
The illustrations bring to life the details
on this humorous instruction book. 
I Am So Handsome
by Mario Ramos
Soup For One
by Ethan Long

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