Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Book Review

It happens every year at this time.
The day after Thanksgiving.
The start of the Christmas season.
This is a great time for a book review.
Buddy has posted his latest review,
seven new Christmas Books.
Turkey Claus
by Wendi Silvano
Thanksgiving is over and Turkey is not in trouble.
But wait! Turkey overheard Jake and his wife 
discuss what they want for Christmas dinner.
It's Turkey trouble again.
But this time Turkey went to find Santa.
Is Turkey cooked this time?
Check this hilarious follow up to "Turkey Trouble."
Pete The Cat Saves Christmas
by Eric Litwin
It's a parody on "The Night Before Christmas."
Santa was ill, will Christmas be cancelled?
No, they call on Pete the Cat.
Pete the Cat and reindeer were flying away,
to deliver presents for Christmas day.
Rhyming text keeps the story flowing,
with the message, give it your all.
How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas
by Jane Yolen
Jane Yolen's latest Dinosaur series,
ask a series of questions.
Does dinosaur sleep on Christmas eve?
Does he rip open presents, eat all the cookies? 
Just like the author's previous dinosaur books,
it also provides what happens with a dinosaur on the night before.
He helps trim the tree, eats all his dinner.
The rhyming text and great illustrations 
make it enjoyable book to read. 
The Christmas Quiet Book
by Deborah Underwood
A great follow up to the original "Quiet Book."
Searching for presents quiet.
Hoping for a snow day quiet.
With the great illustrations, 
this is a truly a holiday picture book.
Just Right For Christmas
by Birdie Black
A king bought a huge roll of red cloth.
The maids sewed together a beautiful cloak
for the king's daughter.
The rest of the cloth was left outside.
Before the night was over,
every piece of cloth was used 
for a Christmas present. 
Gifts given to so many people including a mouse.

The Christmas Story
The Brick Bible for Kids

Charlie And The Christmas Kitty
by Ree Drummond

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