Sunday, October 7, 2012

Book Review Time!

Get out your paper and pen,
And jot down these great books again.
You know it's Buddy's Book Review,
Seven new picture books for you.
So scroll down and take a look,
Today's theme is Go Read A Book.
by Jane Manning
Millie was rather short and plain, hardly anyone noticed her.
She was tired of being overlooked. Millie became fierce.
She took on a new personality that everyone observed.
But her outrageous acts turned people off.
Her behavior caused another student to cry.
Millie felt so bad, she drew a Birthday card
and gave to the student who cried.
She went out of her way to do good deeds.
She felt so good, she decided,
a good deed is better than being fierce.
by Jen Hill
Percy's life changed when the family bought a new dog.
Tum Tum's received all the attention.
He received the Pet of the year award.
Percy was jealous, he decided to do something about it.
Percy snipped off Tum Tum's hair.
His scheme did not work, the people loved Tum Tum's new look.
Percy realized it was Tum Tum's personality
and not the hair that people loved.
Percy gave himself a haircut too, just like Tum Tum.
Percy became Tum Tum's new friend.   
by David Ezra Stein 
Because Amelia smiled, her neighbor smiled too.
It inspired the neighbor to send a package
of cookies to her grandson.
The grandson was inspired so he taught a class
a new song with their dance.
A ballet club saw the video and they were inspired too.
They performed a new recital before a large crowd.
A little girl in the audience was inspired
that she wanted to become a dancer.
The tale of good deeds continued
until the domino effect came back to Amelia
who smiled again.
by Brian P. Cleary
You get to explore the Dewey decimal system
by reading this an entertaining rhyming text.
You will enjoy this great adventure that
you will be able to track down any book.
You can find books on dinosaurs
in the 500's section.
You'll search for books on sports in the 700's section.
You'll have a blast learning this whole system. 
by Janet Morgan Stoeke
In a Loopy Coop farm,
Midge, Dot and Pip watch the truck when it drives away.
Where does it go, asked Dot.
Out in the world, Pip answered.
Pip had the courage to find out.
She hid in the back of the truck.
She waits and hears a loud noise.
Pip thinks he is going for a ride.
This funny story will have you laughing in the end.  

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