Friday, September 21, 2012

Book Review 4 U

Buddy has a stack of children picture books on his desk.
He sits down and starts to read the first book.
He jots down some notes what he likes about each book.
 After he finished the last book in the stack,
he noticed the time on the clock. "Oh, no!" Buddy wailed.
He grabbed his note pad and jots down his favorite books.
He stares at the clock again, he turns the page and continues
to write. Then he lets out a big sigh, "I'm finished."
He takes a deep breath. "Here it is!" Buddy announced,
"My latest book review. "
"Seven great picture books for you."

by Candace Fleming 

A frog falls into a deep hole.Oh, No.
 A mouse comes along to help.
Oops, mouse falls into a deep hole. 
A loris is the next one to fall into a deep hole.
The same thing happens to a sun bear and a monkey.
A tiger comes along and he's not looking to help the animals,
 but he's licking his teeth for his next meal.
All of the sudden an elephant comes to the rescue.
All the animals are saved and the tiger
falls into the deep hole.
The tiger begs for the animals to help him.
Their response was Oh, NO!

A Hen For Izzy Pippik
by Aubrey Davis

Shaina found a hen, she knows that
Izzy Pippik is the hen's owner.
While she waits for his return,
she takes care of the hen.
When the hen lays a dozen eggs,
the chicks scatter throughout the village.
Shaina fights against the wishes of the town people
because she believes the hen and the chicks
belong to Izzy Pippik and no one else.

The Princess And The Pig
by Jonathan Emmett

The baby princess was involved in a royal mix-up.
Baby princess ended up as the farmer's new piglet,
while the piglet became a royal princess.
When the farmer and his wife finally realized
there was a switch, they tried to rectify the matter.
But the King and Queen did not believe their story.
So the girl was happy to be a farmer's daughter
while the piglet was married to a prince.

Ben's Flying Flowers
by Inger Maier

Emily watched her brother get so excited
the first time he saw a butterfly.
He called them flying flowers.
Emily loved to draw butterflies until
her brother passed away.
Emily missed Ben so much,
she only drew pictures of dark clouds with rain.
Emily learned to remember Ben the best way
by drawing the butterflies again.
Make A Wish Bear
by Greg Foley

A little bear makes a wish upon a star.
The bear waits for the wish to come true.
His friend a mouse came to wait with his friend.
While his other friends,
Owl, Fox, elephant and turtle came to offer advice.
Advice like, close your eyes, stand on one foot,
and hold your breath.
When his friend Bunny came along,
the bear realized his wish came true.
"To be together with all of you."


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