Sunday, August 12, 2012

More books 2 read

The "Dream Big, Read," summer program is ending this week. 
Thank you for participating in this challenge to read every day
during the summer.
Even though this event comes to an end, 
You can still read every day.
Buddy Book has found seven picture books for you.
Keep on reading, not only because it's fun, it's also
an adventure too.

I Know A Wee Piggy
by Kim Norman

A piggy gets loose at the fair. The piggy wallowed in very color you can imagine. Red tomatoes, white milk, pink cotton candy and more. The illustrations adds a colorful touch to this fun read aloud story.

The Sandal Artist
by Kathleen T. Pelley

Roberto believed he was going to be a great artist. But he had no intention to paint ragged children, Stefano and his donkey or even a woman beggar.  But when Roberto wore another man's shoes, he saw the people in a new light.

Fox Tails
by Amy Lowry

Amy Lowry put together four classic Aesop fables into  one story. "The Fox and the Grapes, The fox and the Crow, The Fox and the Goat, and The Fox the stork."

Randy Riley's Really Big Hit
by Chris Van Dusen

Randy couldn't hit a baseball, but he was a genius in science. So when he saw a massive fireball coming toward him, he used his scientific talent to build a huge robot. The robot took a swing at the fireball and it sailed out of sight.

The Park Our Town Built
by Diane Gonzales Bertrand

A story in a tradition of The house that Jack Built, with the key words in Spanish. It all starts with This is the park our town built. When the story ends we read about the man, mayor, kids, people, tools, swings, slide, garden, families, party and fireworks.

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