Friday, August 17, 2012

Can U Draw?

I can draw. I can draw using a pencil. I can draw using a marker.
I can even draw using a chalk.
Whether I use a sketch pad or a plain piece of paper, I LOVE TO DRAW.
During the summer, I drew a scenery at a local park.
I sketched the sandy beach during our family vacation.
I just finished my drawing of our family dog, Zippy.
I can't wait to showcase my drawings at school.
My friend Sara, likes my drawings.But she always makes a comment,
"I wish I had your talent." My response has been, "You can draw, too."
Not everyone can match the talent of the best illustrators,
but you can develop your own style.
Take a look at the illustrations in the books at the library.
You'll find they are not all the same.
Compare Peter Reynold's drawings with Henry Cole's drawings.
Compare Jeff Kinney's drawings with Lisa J. Michaels drawings.
Compare Mo Willem's drawings with Herb Leonhard's drawings.
You see different styles because each one is unique in their ability to draw.
So go ahead and start drawing. 
If you need more inspiration, read Peter Reynold's book, "The Dot."
You can find books at the library that will provide you step by step directions
on how to draw. 
When you finish your creative work, send it to me.
I will post it on this blog for everyone to see. 

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