Saturday, August 4, 2012

Books 2 Read

What rhymes with book. There are many choices like the word look.
There are also many choices for you to read children's picture books.
You may find some, where the story is told in rhyme.
Buddy Book has come up with seven picture books for you.

                        The Jungle Run
                         by Tony Mitton
There is a race in the jungle.
The cub wants to participate. But the bigger animals say the cub is too small to run. The other animals get tangled along the way while the cub takes the lead.
When the race is over, the cub has won.
But the other animals still had fun.

        The Great Sheep Shenanigans
                 by Peter Bently

A wily wolf named Lou Pine tried to trick a flock of sheep. His plan was to catch one for supper. But all his plans were thwarted by a Rambo the ram. The wolf tried to disguise himself, but in the end all he got was a pile of poo.

                           Can I Just Take A Nap
                                  by Ron Rauss
Aiden McDoodle was tired of noise.
He wanted to sleep. The noise came from all over, it started with a faint noise but everywhere he goes, the sound continued to grow. From the backyard to the park, Aiden searched for a place to sleep. So when Aiden went to sleep, the only noise came from Aiden who snored.

                              Big Birthday
                          by Kate Hosford 

Annabelle is tired of having her birthdays at the zoo. She came up with a great idea, a big birthday party on the moon. Nothing seem to go right for Annabelle. The candles could not be lit, it was impossible to eat and her favorite gift, a dress tore. So Annabelle's next birthday party will be on a pirate ship.

                   What's Looking At You Kid
                          by J. Patrick Lewis
The illustrations help the readers in this story. Each spread has a animal or insect while the story ask the question with look who's part of the rhyme. In the end the creatures read a book with the final words that state "They're looking at, It must be you."



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