Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's Book Review Time!

We're half way through the summer, the "Dream Big, Read" program is a huge success.
Boys and girls flock to the library and choose not one, not two, not even three books.
They are pulling out a dozen different titles off the shelves. The good news, your local library has brought in more new titles for you to choose. Not to be out done,
Buddy Book has come up with seven new picture book titles for his book review. Take a look and KEEP ON READING! 
                                                                             Isabella, Girl on the Go  
                                                                               by Jennifer Fosberry  
A young girl pretends she is an archaeologist searching for the tomb of a king. Isabella's imagination takes her many places even though she spends her day in the yard with her father. A great history lesson on the go.

                                           The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot    
                                                                 by Margaret McNamara

The three little Aliens are settling in their new homes like the classic version of "Three Little Pigs." The Big Bad Robot flies across the universe and tries to crack, smack, and whack their new houses down. All this happens across the solar system. This new version will surely delight the readers.

                                                                   Merchant and the Thief
                                                                       by Ravi Zacharias

Mohan sets out to rob his fellow traveler of his treasure. Raj  develops a clever plan to foil Mohan's attempt of thievery. Raj hides his treasure where Mohan cannot find it. This classic folktale teaches us about the most important treasure of all.

                                                                                  Hannah's Way
                                                                                 by Linda Glaser
A Jewish girl longs to make new friends. Hannah is excited when she heard the teacher announce this Saturday, there is a fall picnic. She begs her parents for permission to go. But her parents remind her, Saturday is our day of rest. We cannot work or drive on the Sabbath. What can Hannah do? She has an idea if only someone can walk with her to the picnic.

                                                                     The Hueys in the New Sweater
                                                                                 by Oliver Jeffers

The Hueys all look the same, think the same and even do the same things. Until one Huey decided to knit a sweater. Rupert was different from the rest of the Hueys. The other Hueys were horrified.  One of the Hueys, Gillespie wanted to be different too. So he knit himself a sweater too.  Being different was catching on. One by one, they all knit new sweaters. 



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