Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th To All!

The noise caught the attention of Cathy Crayon.
She runs down the street and calls out to her friends.
Suddenly a light flashes above the night sky.
Cathy runs toward the park, she looks back,
and waves to her friends behind her, "hurry up."
Pencil Pete, Buddy Book and Wally Worm
race to catch up with her.
They hear another sound from a distance, a big bang.
They see a light flash above the night sky.
What could it be?
The sound is coming from the park nearby.
The light appears again across the night sky. 
What's that noise they hear? Where is the light coming from?
Cathy, Pete, Buddy and Wally continue on their journey.
They cross the gate where a large crowd has gathered.
Men, women, boys and girls are sitting on a grassy field.
They are looking above the night sky, 
and marvel at the spectacular display of fireworks. 
It's Fourth Of July!
Have a fun and safe holiday. 

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