Sunday, June 10, 2012


It's Summer Time!
What am I going to do?
Travel to Disneyland with my family.
Join my friends at the playground.
Sign up for the latest soccer camp.
Bring out my sketches and draw a summer scenery.
Proceed to the park and fly a kite.
Visit the local pond and feed the ducks. 
Take a trip to the zoo and observe all the animals.
Grab my pink bike and ride along a trail.
Take my dog out and chase him across the yard.
Join my Grandma for a daily cup of tea.
Walk barefoot on a sandy beach and listen to the waves.
Jump in a pool and make a big splash.
Sit on the top of the hill and watch the sun set.
Lay on the grass and gaze at the stars in the sky.
The opportunities are endless.
Join your friends
for a great Summer Time.

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