Friday, May 25, 2012


HIP HIP HOORAY!  It's been over a year now.
We are thrilled to have you as a viewer of this unique blog.
Imagine 78 blogs packed with charming characters, fascinating stories
and snazzy book reviews all geared for you the reader.
Pencil Pete, Cathy Crayon, Buddy Book, Wally Worm and Henry
Thank you for viewing Picture Book Corner. Take a moment and
"Meet The Gang."

                                                     CATHY CRAYON

Cathy is outgoing and loves participating
in outdoor activities. She is an accomplished
artist and she enjoys writing poetry.
She can be seen riding her pink bike
with her friends. Say hello to Cathy. 


Pete enjoys playing practical jokes.
He is a whiz at computer games.
He is very active in sports especially baseball.
He likes to go camping and his hobby is build model airplanes.  
Say hello to Pete


Wally is very studious. He is a math genius.
He loves to travel. He is fluent in Spanish.
He is shy until he gets to know you. Say hello to Wally


Buddy is a avid book reader. He volunteers at the library.
He is a star player on the soccer team. He has a kind heart.
He is friendly and enjoys meeting new people.
Say hello to Buddy

          HENRY PORADA

 Henry wants to be a famous children's picture book author.
He enjoys bird watching. He is enthusiastic about the zoo.
He shares a smile with everyone he meets.
He is a great storyteller.
Say hello to Henry.

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