Friday, May 4, 2012

Buddy's Book Review

Search for a book?
Where do you look?
A book review of course.
That's your best source.
Which one to choose?
There's one you can't lose.
It's Buddy's Book review.
Seven picture books for you.

I Know a Librarian Who Chewed on a Word.
by Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton

Miss Divine chewed on a word. The children in the library wanted to know which word. The librarian proceeded to chomp down on a book, book cart, chair, table and shelf. Each time Miss Divine chewed on one of the above, the kids would ask each other which word did she chew.The suspense continues until the end when out of her mouth pops the word READ.   

         The Wooden Sword
             by Ann Stampler
The shah disguised himself as a servant to learn more about his people. He encounters a jewish shoemaker who displays a faith that Shah decided to test. The shah decreed any profession the jewish man was employed as illegal. The poor man endured some tough hardships but he remained faithful. 

       The Greedy Sparrow
        by Lucine Kasbarian
A sparrow caught a thorn in his foot. A baker comes along and removes it. The sparrow tricks her into giving him some bread. The sparrow becomes greedy along the way. He tricks everyone he encounters, so he can get something bigger and better than what he had before. In the end, the sparrow loses everything and gains another thorn in his foot.

               Except the Color Grey
                    by Arlene Alda
The author/illustrator created photos of different colors. She begins her story with the question, "which is my favorite color?" Then she points out the good or bad for each color. In the end, the author liked the color on her bunny, grey.


       by Oliver Jeffers 
         A young boy gets his kite stuck in a tree. He proceeds to find ways to knock down his kite from the tree. He threw his favorite shoe and it also got stuck. He used his other shoe, a cat, ladder, a bucket of paint, a duck, chair, bicycle, the list goes on and on. Each time he throws up any item, it ends up stuck in the tree. The boy was delighted when his kite became unstuck.  He went home forgetting about all the items still stuck in the tree.   

     Where's My Mommy
      by Carol Roth                           The Book That Zack Wrote
                                                        by Ethan Long

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