Sunday, April 15, 2012

Be a Book Reader

How many books do you need?
The library has plenty indeed.
Do you need two, three or four?
Five, ten, twenty or more?
Or thirty you might like too,
Or maybe just one would do?
If you need any suggestion for a book?
It's time again for you to look,
At our own Buddy's  Book review,
Seven picture books just for you.
Just scroll down and look at this
It's a blog, you don't want to miss. 
Buddy's seven great books he found,
So get a pen and jot it down.

           The Unruly Queen
              by E S Redmond

Minerva is a spoiled child who can't be controlled. Fifty-two nannies could not handle her. Minerva won't eat, she won't wash her hair, this impossible child would not listen. The fifty-third nanny approached this difficult child in a different manner. The nanny came to crown Minerva as the unruly Queen. The nanny found a way that convinced Minerva to change her ways.   

The Girl who never made mistakes
   by Mark Pett & Gary Rubinstein
Beatrice never made a mistake. This nine year old girl never forgot  to say good morning or thank you. She never forgot her homework and she won the talent show three years in a row. This perfectionist made her first mistake in public. Beatrice learns an important lesson.  

Suppose you meet a dinosaur
          by Judy Sierra

Suppose a little girl encounters a dinosaur in a grocery store. The story continues with nine different situations that may happen to you. This read out loud rhyme is very entertaining while it teaches us basic manners. This little girl demonstrates to us what to say in nine possible circumstances. What a great way to teach us without being preachy.

        All About Grandmas
            by Roni Schotter

Not all grandmas are alike. This rhyming story presents us with all about grandmas. They have different jobs, different hobbies, and they have a certain quality you can see when you meet them. And in the end the author encourages us to show her your love.

     I've lost my hippopotamus
          by Jack Prelutsky

Jack Prelutsky is back with a new collection of poems. Jack uses a variety of different situations with different animals in a entertaining way. You can relate to what the author conveys in his poetry. This is one book you can read over and over and still look forward to reading it again. I enjoyed the illustrations by Jackie Urbanovis, she brings the characters in a very expressive manner.


   Sweet Dreams                                                      Pierre in the Air
 by Rose A. Lewis                                                    by Andrea Beck

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