Friday, March 16, 2012

The Inner Light

There was a gentleman, who was standing by a door,
Who told me a message, that I never heard before.
It is always better to learn everything that I can,
So I would be ready, to follow God's plan. 
He pointed to a door, with a sign you couldn't miss,
With the words inscribed, "there's more to life than this."
He invited me to go, to hear what they had to say,
So I can learn the truth, that will help me every day.
I went inside and saw four candles with a flame,
With a sign on each one, taped with their own name.
The first candle said, " I am JOY to bring you harmony,"
"I can shed some light on how life can be."
"But there is no one around that I can see,"
"So my flame has gone out of me.
The second candle said, "I am FAITH that you need today,"
"I want to show you someone that can lead the way."
"But there is no one around, who wants to stay,"
"So my flame has gone away."
The third candle said, "I am LOVE that brings unity,"
"I am here to reveal, how good it can be."
"But no one comes along, so they can see," 
"So my flame has gone out of me."
The message was full of riddles that I didn't understand,
The candles should all be lit and burn till the end.
There had to be a reason why, the flame went out,
But who can tell me, what this is all about?
The fourth candle took his turn, he still had some light,
"My name is HOPE," he said, "you could use me tonight."
So I took the candle of HOPE and lit the other three,
I finally got the message, they were trying to tell me.
Each candle represents, FAITH, HOPE, JOY, and LOVE.
It's God who bestows all four, from heaven above.
They are mine to receive, right from the start,
They have a place, deep down in my heart.

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