Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Image of you?

Cathy is basking in excitement ever since she joined Picture Book Corner.
She has the same interest as Buddy, Pete and Wally.
Cathy loves to read books. She also has a gift in drawing.
She can draw animals, people and all kinds of scenery.
Cathy's enthusiasm continued until she met a classmate at school.
This student, Sarah, seems to have it all. She attracts lots of attention.
She wears fancy clothing, and walks around in expensive shoes.
Cathy began  to feel inferior around Sarah. She questioned herself, what if
she wore elegant clothing, and bought high priced shoes?
Can she become renowned like Sarah?
Cathy stood in front of a mirror and scanned every part of her body.
She suddenly realized her image was fine.
She noticed her clothing and shoes matched her personality.
How is your image?
 Listed below is a poem that ask you questions.

Look into the mirror, what do you see?
Is it someone, you are proud to be?
The face you show, is their a smile?
The clothes you wear, is it your style?
Look into the mirror, what do you find?
Is it someone, who is friendly and kind?
Is it someone, who is hard to please?
Or someone, who is always at ease?
Look into the mirror, what can you tell?
Is it someone, who is looking well?
Does it show, what you want to be?
Ask yourself, is it the real me? 

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