Saturday, March 3, 2012

Books, Books, Books.

You can pick em, you can choose em,
you can stack em, you can read em.
With so many books to choose,
you have nothing to lose,
To read Buddy's book review,
he chose seven great books for you.

                                          The Dancing Clock
                                                        by Steve Metzger

There is a clock in Central Park that draws the attention from Milo the snow monkey.
He loves to watch and listen to the dancing clock instead of playing with his friends.
At every hour, two monkeys ring a bell and assorted of animals play along.
From a bear with a tamborine to a hippo with the fiddle, Milo wants to join them.
When he finds the gate unlocked, Milo joins the group while the crowd cheers on.
But soon when the crowd leaves and the gate is locked, Milo is hungry and feels cold.
When the zookeeper opens the gate, Milo realized a clock can never replace a friend.

                                            Colors of Me
                                                        by Brynne Barnes

A young child plans to color the pictures that she drew.
But then she wonders which color to choose.
The curious mind  imagines if rain had color, would it still make a puddle.
If a flower had no color, would it still smell sweet.
The child soon realized that the world is full of colors like you and me.

Baby Bear Sees Blue
by Ashley Wolff

Baby Bear explores the outside world with his mama.
Whenever Baby Bear notices anything outdoors, he asks Mama what it is.
When Mama responds back, Baby Bear discovers the colors of each one.
He saw the green leaves, blue jays, brown trout and more. 
The adventure continues until both Mama and Baby Bear go to sleep. 

The Talent Show
by Jo Hodgkinson

Four friends decided to enter a talent show.
A small red bird wanted to join too.
The four friends laughed at the bird.
They told the bird, you're too small.
The four formed a band  and began to practice.
They determined to find someone who can sing.
A stranger came along to help them.
The stranger sang an amazing song,
the band knew they found their singer.
Soon the band discovered the stranger was the red bird,
they realized they made a mistake.
The five members performed before a crowd.
The judge gave the band a prize,
for their talent and not their size.

I Wish I Could Read
by Tizianna Bendall-Brunello

The little pig found a book.
His friend, Cow told him a book is for reading.
The little pig asked all his friends to teach him to read.
But his friends action had nothing to do with reading the book.
The little pig wished he had a friend who could teach him.
A little boy came along and offered to help.
Little pig was happy he learned how to read and also made a new friend.  


      10 Hungry Rabbits                                  The Little Pea
         by Anita Lobel                                     by Eric Battut

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