Friday, February 3, 2012

It's Book Review Time!

Bring out the paper, bring out your pen.
Buddy Book has done it again.
His latest selection on his book review,
Seven great books selected just for you.

I Want My Hat Back
Jon Klassen 

The bear noticed his hat was gone.
During his search he asked everyone if they have seen it?
The answer was always no.
The bear discovered the rabbit was the guilty party.
A simple story with a sad ending.

Love Twelve Miles Long
by Glenda Armand
Frederick asked his mom how far she walks to visit him.
His mother tells him, twelve miles long.
She recounts every mile on the way, she tells his son, each mile is special.
From praying, singing, listening and much more.
Frederick knew in his heart that his mom's love was twelve miles long. 

Poems I wrote when no one was looking.
by Alan Katz
I rarely review books filled with poems.
But Alan Katz's collection is excellent.
It's filled with simple everyday occurrences,
like hoping for snow so you don't have to go to school.
It's filled with puns and rhymes
that you will enjoy reading again and again.

by Tom Lichtenheld

It's definitely an emergency.
The letter E fell down the stairs,
and is now in the hospital.
The other letters have to make a decision who will substitute for the letter E.
Z is too sleepy, P is always in the bathroom.
The word play is very funny.

The Boy Who Changed The World
by Andy Andrews

A young boy named Norman grew up to help grow super plants.
Norman saved the lives of two billion people.
Henry Wallace hired Norman so he too helped change the world.
George Washington Carver taught Henry Wallace.
Henry learned from George about plants and ways to help people.
A very encouraging book that can inspire those who read it.


My Name is not Alexander                                                 YAWN
by Jennifer Fosberry                                             by Sally Symes


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