Saturday, January 14, 2012

V is for Valentine.

Roses are pretty and chocolate is sweet,
but Buddy's book review just can't be beat.
So sit right down and kick up your feet,
Books on Valentine is your treat.

Henry and the Valentine Surprise
by Nancy Carlson
Just before Valentine's Day, Henry and his classmates discover a heart shaped box on their teachers' desk. They spy on him to find which lady sent the gift to him. The class received a big surprise, the Valentine is for his favorite class.

Love Ruby Valentine
by Laurie B. Friedman

Ruby loved Valentines. She was on a mission to make cards and heart shaped cookies for her friends. She was exhausted on her gallant effort that she fell asleep. Unfortunately she didn't wake up until the day after Valentines. She set out to hand her cards and gifts and apologize for the delay. When she realized no one was upset that she was late in delivering the cards. She vowed to express her love throughout the year.

The Ballad of Valentine
by Alison Jackson

A shy gentleman tried to send love messages to his sweet heart. He tried every method of communication but nothing seem to go right. He tried all types of communication including, letter, smoke signal, morse code and even a mail car. Each message was written in rhyme with hope she would be his valentine.
Sweet Hearts
by Jan Carr

A little panda celebrated Valentine's Day by making and hiding paper hearts around the house. Even his dog received one. This rhyming story ends with a beautiful moment when Mom told little Panda she was a sweetheart. 

One Zillion Valentines
by Frank Modell

When Marvin shows Milton how to make Valentines, they decide to make one for each person in their neighborhood. They slip them under the people's door. Milton didn't believe they would receive any back. Marvin ran to the store and bought a box of valentine candy. Marvin handed it to Milton and said Happy Valentines.  

Mouse's First Valentine                       1 2 3 Valentine's Day
by Lauren Thompson                            by Jeanne Modesitt

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