Thursday, January 5, 2012

Take Me To Your Reader

Come join us all in this fun game,
It's a mystery word that you can claim.
You can discover in all the clues,
There is only one word you can choose.
I have so much to say and so much to show,
But I cannot speak on what you need to know.
In your gallant search you will surely find,
That this riddle is for anyone with a mind.
Because when you pick me up and look,
Then you finally realize I am a book.
So when Buddy comes along, it can only be,
Another book review for you to see.

A Dog Is A Dog
by Stephen Shaskan

  You will enjoy this catchy rhyme. It's so good, you will want to read it again. It's about a dog, cat, squid, mouse, moose and dog again. This tale captures your attention from beginning to end. 

                                              Piggies In The Kitchen
                                          by Michelle Meadows

The Piggies have big plans when Mama leaves the house. They bake some treats but they make a mess. It's a very special occasion. It's a birthday surprise for Mama. They finish just in time to surprise Mama when she walks into the kitchen.

                                   Hello Goodbye and a very Little Lie
                                         by Christianne C. Jones

Larry lied about everything. Everywhere he goes, he stops to say hello, tell a little lie and say goodbye. One day he told a lie to a little girl. She told him to prove it. Larry finally admitted he lied and said goodbye. But to his surprise, the girl said to him, she lied too. They became friends.

                                               The Friendship Wish
                                               by Elisa Kleven

Farley was a lonely, it seemed he could not make friends. He made a wish just before he fell asleep. During his dream a angel appeared before him. The angel played with Farley and sang and danced with him. But his angel disappeared before he woke up. It seemed so real that he cried for his angel to come back. He told others about his dream. His new friends tried to help him. That very night, they all dreamed up angels. 

                            The Gingerbread Girl Goes Animal Crackers
                                         by Lisa Campbell Ernst 

Gingerbread girl is back with the animal crackers. Her new Friends decided to run away just like she did. Along the way, they encounter others who tried to catch them. Gingerbread girl tried to help them but they wouldn't listen. Until the animal crackers encountered the sly fox. The gingerbread girl gave them advice that saved their life.


         SHHH                                        King Jack And The Dragon      
by Valeri Gorbachev                                         by Peter Bently                                 

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