Monday, December 19, 2011

What's New?

You can count them one, two, three, four,
and you find there is even more.
It's my favorite book list of seven
Of great children books in 2011.
Picked by your friend Buddy Book,
who encourages you to take a look.
So pull out your paper and pen,
and write down these books I recommend.


Be Quiet, Mike
by Leslie Patricelli

A monkey named Mike started drumming at a young age.
And his family always said to him, "Be quiet, Mike."
As he got older he used other instruments to play again.
But his family always said to him, "Be quiet, Mike."
Then little monkey came up with an idea.
He set up his own instruments and played once more.
The family enjoyed the sound so much,
They even told him, "Play Louder, Mike."
You will enjoy this wonderful tale told in a beautiful rhyme.

Not Inside This House
by Kevin Lewis

Livingstone Columbus Magellan Crouse loved to explore.
Everyday he went outside and catch anything he could find.
He found a bug and brought it home and his mom would tell him no.
The young boy continued on his journey and found an animal.
But his mom repeated to him again, no animals allowed.
Livingstone continued his search and found an even larger animal.
But his mom made it clear, no animals allowed.
In the end, you'll be surprised what his mother allowed him to bring home. 

The All- American Jump and Jive Jig
by M.P. Hueston

You come along on this journey across the country.
You learn new cool dances from children
that live from the east, west, north and south.
This witty rhyme will encourage you to try these fun dances.
Even the names of the dance will appeal to your senses. 
The only question left, which dance will be your favorite.

Where's My Truck
by Karen Beaumont

Tommy lost his toy truck.
His brother and sister offered to play with him.
But all Tommy wanted to do his find his truck.
He searched the whole house and he could not find it.
But no matter what his family offered him,
all Tommy wanted to do was find his truck.  
Tommy went outdoors and searched everywhere and he could not find it.
Tommy eventually found the culprit who had his truck. 

I'm Sure I saw a Dinosaur
by Jeanne Willis

A child saw a creature.
 So he ran and announced the news to a fisherman.
The fisherman told his mum who told the butcher.
The butcher reported the news to a butler.
The news were relayed to the Air Force and the Navy.
Something is fishy about this news. No one has seen the dinosaur.
It appears someone concocted a plan to draw everyone to the beach.
Find out who devised this clever plan


If Beaver had a Fever                                 Blue-Ribbon Dad
     by Helen Ketteman                                 by Beth Raisner Glass


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