Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kids Love ABC FOOD!

Wally Worm loves ABC food. So he prepared a huge banquet.
The table was set up with twenty-six different kinds of food.
Each feast was represented by one of the letters in the alphabet.
The invitations were sent out. Twenty-six kids were invited.
The children came through the doors and quickly sat down to eat.
Adam ate appetizing apples.
Bridget bit on Quenched blueberries.
Carol crunched on nutritious carrots.
David devoured chocolate filled donuts.
Emily chose to eat edible eggs.
Francis fed on tasty fish.
George gobbled gobs of juicy grapes.
Harry chopped down on delectable hot dogs.
Ida licked on irresistible Ice Cream.
Josie took a bite on a hot Jalapeno.
Kevin consumed succulent kumquats.
Larry dined on zesty lasagna.
Molly munched on spicy meatballs.
Nancy nibbled on oodles of noodles.
Owen stuffed on nourishing oatmeal.
Patty pigged out on scrumptious pizza.
Quincy tasted some palatable Quiche'.
Randy chewed on refreshing radish.
Sandy scoffed on savory spaghetti. 
Tammy indulged on tantalizing tacos.
Ursala dined on luscious ugli fruit.
Victor ingested on lip smacking vanilla pudding.
Willie gorged on mouthwatering watermelon.
Xavier snacked on extraordinary Xemenia.
Yolanda feasted on yummy yogurt.
Zack foraged on delicious zucchini pie.
Wally asked everyone, "Who wants more?"
All twenty-six kids shout, "WE DO!"


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