Thursday, November 17, 2011

T is for Thanksgiving

Bring on the turkey, bring on the guest,
bring on the gravy, bring on the rest.
Before we partake on Thanksgiving Day.
Take a look at the books I reviewed today.
It's about turkeys, pilgrims, and Thanksgiving too.
The very books I recommend to you.

The Night Before Thanksgiving
by Natasha Wing

The family prepares the Thanksgiving feast.
The food is set, everyone gathers around the table.
The family enjoys this fun filled, family filled,
food filled holiday. This story encourages us to have
a warm friendly, family oriented Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving Rules
by Laurie Friedman

Percy discovered the perfect way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.
He lists the ten rules to get the most out of this holiday feast.
The rules include preparations, greeting, and loading your plate.
Follow these rules, you are sure to enjoy Thanksgiving. 

Twas The night Before Thanksgiving
by Dav Pilkey

                            School children take a trip to a farm.
                                   They learn that a farmer plans to kill
                                   all the turkeys for Thanksgiving.
                                   The children smuggled out the turkeys
                                   and take them home. The kids enjoyed
                                   a vegetarian dinner.

The Perfect Thanksgiving
by Eileen Spinelli

It's about two families, one that seems
to have a perfect feast. While the  other
family seems to have everything go wrong.
One thing both families have in common,
they enjoyed the holiday feast.

This is the Turkey
by Abby Levine

You meet Max and all his family and relatives.
This humorous rhyme is written in the form similar
to "The House That Jack Built."
The family loses their turkey in a accident.
But the family doesn't lose their holiday spirit,
they enjoyed Thanksgiving day.

Turkey Surprise             Today is Thanksgiving
 by Peggy Archer            by P.K. Hallinan


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