Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Books

It happens every year at this time.
The day after Thanksgiving.
The start of Christmas season.
This is a great time for a book review.
Buddy Book has posted his
seven favorite Christmas books.  

Mortimer's Christmas Manger
by Karma Wilson

Mortimer Mouse moved in a new home. He noticed a wooden manger near a Christmas tree. He found others living inside. He took out all the statues so he could move in. But each night, the statues were back in place. Mortimer overheard a man tell everyone the story of Christmas and the baby Jesus. He realized he stood in the place where the baby Jesus statue belonged. He put all the statues back in their spot. Mortimer searched for a new home. On the way he said a prayer. Before long, Mortimer found a new house just his size. Mortimer said a prayer to thank Jesus.

Silver Packages
by Cynthia Rylant

Every Christmas a rich man rides a train to a town where he throws presents to the poor children who are waiting anxiously. A boy named Frankie waited by the tracks hoping to receive a doctors kit. But each present he received were essential to keep him warm for the winter. When Frankie grew up, he remembered the silver packages he received. He learned how valuable those gifts were to him. He moved back in town and watched other kids waiting anxiously for that same train when he was a kid. He stood nearby and watched a little girl fall when she received her package. Frankie walked up to her and opened his kit for a band-aid. He assured her she would be fine because he was a doctor.  

The Crippled Lamb
by Max Lucado

Joshua was a little lamb who always felt different and sad because of his crippled leg and his black spots. He felt left out because he couldn't run and play with the other lambs. What Joshua didn't realize, God had a very special plan for him. Joshua found  his prayer was answered. 

                                                The Christmas Sweater
                                                       by  Glenn Beck

Eddie wanted a bicycle for Christmas but he received a Christmas sweater. He was very disappointed but his grandfather showed him the magic of this sweater. Eddie took a magical journey with his grandfather. During his journey, he went sledding with his father. He had so much fun he realized he was wearing the Christmas sweater. Next he found himself in the kitchen with his mother. They finished building a gingerbread house. He noticed again he was wearing the same sweater. He asked himself could this sweater be magical? Eddie woke up and realized it was all a dream. He went downstairs and found he received a bicycle but Eddie was anxiously looking for a different present. He opened his package that his mother gave him. He found the Christmas sweater he was looking for. He felt so happy, he walked up to his mother and gave her a big hug.   

The Christmas Candle
by Richard Paul Evans

Thomas was on his way home when he realized he needed a candle for his lantern. He stopped in a candlemakers shop and bought a inexpensive candle. On his journey home, he mistook a begger for his mother and gave her his cloak to keep warm. He noticed a man lying in the street that looked like his brother. Thomas gave all he had to put him in a inn for the night.  Thomas figured out that he may have given all he had away but in the end he found the true meaning of a family.


Priscilla & the Great Santa Search      Bear Stays up for Christmas
  by Nathaniel Hobbie                             by Karma Wilson


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