Friday, November 11, 2011


Sidebar Buddy

I am drawn to cats. I love all kinds of cats.
I enjoy watching them move like a acrobat.
I love their curiosity, their purr and most of all,
I love to pet them. Today's Book review is on cats.

Frankie Works The Night Shift
by LIsa Westberg Peters
Frankie spends the night prowling. While every one is sleeping, Frankie causes a ruckus.
During the night, Frankie empties a waste basket, spots an intruder, wakes up everyone and chases a mouse.
 Frankie loves working the night shift.

Pete The Cat
I Love My White Shoes.
by Eric Litwin
Pete the Cat loves to walk down the street with his brand new shoes.
Pete is not careful where he walks. So he steps on everything from strawberries, blueberries and anything in his path. Along the way, his shoes change color every time he steps on something. But Pete doesn't care, he keeps walking and singing his song about his shoes.  

by Jef Czekaj

This book has important secrets about a Cat's life.
But it's intended for cats only.
You have to prove you are a genuine cat to read this book.  
Can you prove you are a cat?

Mr. Persnickety and Cat Lady
by Paul Brett Johnson
Mr. Persnickety claims he's allergic to cats. He can put up living next door with one cat.
But the Cat Lady ends up with thirty seven cats. Mr. Persnickety resorts to drastic actions to get rid of them.
Cat Lady has no intentions of losing her cats. So it's a battle of wills. Cat Lady comes up with an great idea.
Check out what she did and the end result. This is a great book. 

That Cat Can't Stay
by Thad Krasnesky

 Mom loves cats Dad hates cats. Mom keeps adopting stray cats.
Dad objects to each stray cat.
 But Mom finds a way to convince Dad to let each cat stay for the night. But Dad decides enough is enough.  He decides to take action. He finds a stray animal too. You find out Dad is a dog lover.


Where is that cat by Carol Greene                         ABC Cat by Nancy Jewell



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