Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Teacher asked the class, "who gave the Liberty Bell to Philadelphia?"
Joey raised his hand up, "It must have been a duck." 
Teacher looked back at him, "did you say a duck?"
"Yes,"Joey replied , " you taught us there was a Quack in it."

Q: Why do you think a frog could be a good baseball player?
A:  Because he could catch flies.

Q:  Why did the math book cry?
A:   Because it had so many problems.

Q:   Why do lobsters have a hard time sharing?
A:    Because they're shellfish.

Q:   Why did the turtle go to the therapist?
A:    He wanted to come out of his shell.

Customer went in a pet shop.
"Have you got any cats going cheep?"
"No, sir," replied the clerk, all our cats go meow.


 Check your room for the following.
Is there anything in your room that rhymes with sock?
Are there any objects that begin with the letter J?
What is the largest thing in your room?
What is the smallest thing in your room?
Are there more green objects or blue objects in your room?


Can you unscramble the letters?
CLUE: Names of animals.

1-   ksukn
2-   aebr
3-   varebe
4-   quilresr
5-   edre
6-   ewales
7-   orcanco

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