Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween Book Review

Pumpkin Trouble by Jan Thomas
Duck decides to make a Jack-o-lantern. Duck gets stuck inside pumpkin. He walks around with a pumpkin on his head. He's looking for his friends to help him. His friends Pig and Mouse notice a pumpkin chasing them. Hilarious tale in a cartoon strip.

The 13 days of Halloween by Carol Greene
A ghoul gives his friend creepy gifts that are perfect for Halloween. Cauldrons, bats, goblins, wizards, brooms, spiders, owls, cooked worms, ghosts, fat toads, hissing cats and even a vulture in a dead tree. An excellent parody of the twelve days of Christmas. The illustrations are creepy looking.

The Night Before Halloween by Natasha Wing 
Halloween monsters prepare their haunted house for trick or treaters. They plan to throw a Halloween night party. You find Halloween favorite characters like Mummy, Count Dracula and Wicked Witch decorate their house. This tale is a take-off on Twas the night before Christmas.

In The Haunted House by Eve Bunting
A creepy rhyme that details what goes on in a haunted house. A very descriptive language that will keep your attention on every page you turn. There are creatures throughout the book, including a Mummy in bed, ghosts swim in the hallway and even a organ playing.

Halloween Sky Ride by Elizabeth Spurr
A witch hops on her broomstick. She is invited to a Halloween festivity. A cast of characters want to come along. A skeleton, jack-o-lantern, ghost, Mummy plead with the witch. When they all arrive, the children greet the new guests. They like the costumes, they are the best.

Halloween Night                              Haunted Party
by Elizabeth Hatch                           by Iza Trapani 

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