Friday, September 16, 2011


What happened to the frog who parked illegally?
He got towed(toad)

What word has the most letters in it?
A Mailbox

What did the teddy bear say when he was offered dessert?
No Thanks, I'm Stuffed.

Why couldn't the coffee bean go out to play?
Because he was grounded.

Why don't eggs ever tell jokes?
They would crack each other up.


What kind of sandwich would you want to have named after you?

How much is twenty nickels, ten dimes and four quarters?

What is the last thing you put on when you get dressed?

If I were to give you a gift, what would you hope to receive?

What is your favorite food?
Number two comes after one.  What color rhymes with two?

Mike is a nice fellow. What color rhymes with fellow?

We put jelly on a piece of bread. What color rhymes with bread?

I have a friend named Jack. What color rhymes with Jack?

We wash dishes in the sink. What color rhymes with sink?

There are twenty-six letters listed below.
Twenty-five letters are shown twice.
Which letter is shown only once?

U H X I P Q D Y L V 9

R V D W B I Z E N T 8

L A J M F P Z C K S 7

S O G E H Q A R O X 5

C T J B N K U F Y W G 

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